How to create my own templates?

You can easily start creating your own Pins Templates based on the default templates.

The source code above represents the code that will be rendered for each Pin creating by our PINNER bot. Templates will typically consist of a combination of HTML, CSS.

First of all, You need to select the width and the high for your Template Pin. and after you added your own HTML, CSS template, make sure you add the following tags:

For the thumbnail image, you must add this tag: {{THUMBNAIL}}

<img src="{{THUMBNAIL}}" style="width: 300px">

For the title, you must add this tag: {{TITLE}}


You can also add your title with specific width and height by adding this code:

<h3>{{TITLE W=450 H=200}}</h3>

For the background color, you can use the advanced code to detect the best and suitable color with the opacity level for the title by adding:

<p style="background: {{AUTOCOLOR LEVEL=-0.66}}">{{COLOR LEVEL=-0.66}}</p>

To edit and customize your Pin Templates, visit PINNER > Settings inside the WordPress admin.

When you’ve created a template, Enable it if you would like to be used from our Pinner Bot, and you can move onto the next step.

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